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100% Organic Cotton Bib

100% Organic Cotton Bib

19.90 EUR
✿ 1 Embroidered and beautiful bib with a very unique animal pattern.

✿ 100% Natural Cotton ( Mexican Manta) with cotton hand embroidery. All materials are organic and non toxic. The colors of the bib are achieved naturally, using plants and flowers.

✿ Size: Approx. 24 cms length, 18 cms width.

✿ Please be aware that there are many designs. See pics for designs:Available only one per design. Please indicate the design of you preference.


All the products we are offering are 100% handmade by Mexican artisans. The pieces reflect the artisan's view of the world. They tried to project their ideas of the world on their crafts. Every symbol like the animals and plants have a meaning to them.

Please keep in mind that every pillow cover is a unique piece of art.

The Otomi Indians want to preserve their traditions and through your purchase you are helping local artisans to obtain job and income for their families.


✿ HAND WASH: Cold rinse, no bleach, no squeeze, dry in a flat surface under the shadow.

✿ MACHINE WASH: In delicate cycle, no bleach.

✿ Do not use dryer

All items are handmade and unique; imperfections are an added attribute to its beauty.

The expected time to deliver:
The United States: 7-9 business days
Europe: 2-4 business days
For the rest of the world around 9- 15 business days.