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OTOMI MEXICO sells Mexican crafts such as embroidered home decoration accessories, fashion clothes, homewares and handbags. 

We are a Mexican family that work together with local artisans all across Mexico to create and promote their handcrafts internationally. 

Our commitment is to offer the highest quality and unique Mexican handcrafts.

Every product is beautiful embroidered and many of them take several hours to be completed for then there are unique pieces. All our products are 100% handmade using Mexican organic raw materials. 

All the items offered on our website have a story and we want to share those stories with you. Every artisan reflect in their product their world through flowers and animals. Every symbol like the animals and plants have a meaning to them.

We want to contribute with the Otomi cooperatives and artisans to help them preserve their traditions and make a better income. For then through your purchase you are helping local artisans to obtain an income for their families and at the same time to maintain alive this beautiful tradition.

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